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Margaret Beaufort School Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

Margaret Beaufort School - Essay Example After a demoralising Ofsted report Mike Lavelle who joined with a brief to raise standards replaced the school head. An external factor – a significant external factor is the requirement of meeting the standards that was set by Ofsted report this combined with reports from other schools in the consortium led the school to realize that they would be better off joining the consortium at all cost. However, it is questionable whether a better report would have meant that the school remained antonymous, as the benefits of joining the consortium were more apparent An internal factor – internal factors include the loose leadership as well as poor direction that were provided by the team. The staffs as well were opposed to any changes in the school during the change of leadership. These kind of staff contributed a significant factor to the school failing. Team leaders and other leaders play a major role in mediating the impact that factors set have in an organization or a school context. Thus, they play a very significant role in achievement of the set goals and standards. If the leaders meet the standards set with resistance, then they will oppose such standards as they will not be significant to them therefore adopting them will be met with a lot of resistance. It is important also for the leaders to have the appropriate leadership skills and cultures in order to attain success (Ghalambor 2011, 3). They should also have a good link between other leaders and the subordinates to enhance coordination in meeting the set goals and standards. This is evident in the case above as removing those resistant to change as well as bringing in a stronger more collaborative type of leadership team meant that new school systems could be put in place. This provided a renewed sense of ownership and shared leadership that was lacking in the

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The Impact of Advertising on Customer Satisfaction Essay Example for Free

The Impact of Advertising on Customer Satisfaction Essay Introduction: Mobile technology introduced in 1957 after introduction of first fully automatic mobile phone. Prince Philip was the first consumer to use mobile phone in his car in 1957.He uses that phone to talk with Queen while he was away on the road. Those days mobile technology has considered high end luxury even Dukes not allowed to use mobile, but now trends has changed completely , mobile phone considered as necessity of life. It is now using to communicate and keep in touch. (UK Telephone History 2010) In Sri lanka Luxembourg based Millicom International cellular was first company to introduce and launch its services in Early 1990s called Celltel,  later in 2007 its rebranded as Tigo .Current Etisalat is exist after acquisition of Tigo by Etisalat UAE in 2010.Those days mobiles was used by higher market segment , only Business executives and well paid employees afford to talk using mobiles. Later in 1993 introduction of digital based mobile system by Dialog (Axiata Telecom) Malaysian based mobile phone company ,which provides more secured and clear services than previous analog mobile phones with Sms ( Short Message service) under GSM technology using 2G and 2.5G. In 2004 Mobitel (Subsidiary of Sri lanka telecom)was launched and later introduced first ever 3G services not only in Sri lanka in whole south Asia which ranks Sri lanka first country to launch 3G services, Study Back Ground: Mobile Phone technology in Sri Lanka has grown tremendously during last few years. currently in 2013 all five operators providing 3G coverage almost in every main district with claiming of 70 percent area covered with 3G.Mobile technology in Sri Lanka provides wireless voice and data service at very affordable price. It eases day to day business and personal contact around the Island, with 5 operators and thousands of communication towers, now communication can be done easily from any remote village of Sri lankasuch as Batticolla or Metropolitan city such as Colombo and Galle. Now everyday millions of people making billions of calls and using tons of data service by using telecom operators multimillion dollar infrastructure and giving out revenue to operators in return.( International telecommunication union ITU, 2013) Due to high competition from five operators and heavy tax imposed on imported mobile phones, GSM subscribers market in Sri lanka is highly saturated. Mobile market in Sri Lanka was running with less growth rate during last few years, In 2012 mobile penetration rate reached 91% with Dailog Axiata sharing the large slice of 7 million customers around 40 percent of total mobile subscribers followed by Etisalat Sri Lanka and Mobitel with 20 percent of market share each operator with more than 4 million subscribers and than Comes Hutch Sri Lanka and Airtel with less than 15 percent of market share with less customer satisfaction and poor coverage.( International telecommunication union ITU, 2013) Each mobile operator  looking for more subscribers and increase market share claims best coverage with huge advertisement on mass media. Customer satisfaction is the main target for these operators and by personalized paid advertising and PR they are on the way to create more customer satisfact ion. Table 1- Number of Sri Lankan Mobile Subscribers in Millions Figure 1, Fixed lines and mobile market Growth in Sri lanka Study Area: Hutch Telecom: Hutch Sri Lanka is a mobile operator in Sri Lanka under subsidiary of Hutchison Hong Kong Based Mobile operator. Hutchison telecom not only mobile service provider in Sri lanka they are also providing voice and data 3G services and operating currently around 10 countries worldwide including far east countries Indonesia and Australia , in Europe they are in Italy, Sewden, Denmark, Austria, Ireland and United Kingdom.It was launched in 2004 with the mission of Island wide coverage in a near future. Now Hutch cover more than 70 % Island wide coverage approximately, It claims first operator in Sri Lanka who offers most district covers all around Sri Lanka under 3G coverage. Hutch Sri Lanka provide voice and data service to 1 Million Subscribers around the Island ( After its launch hutch Sri lanka spends up to 71 million Hong Kong dollars in network expansion and advertising including improving infrastructure and increase number of communication towers for best coverage, apart f rom that huge amount also spend on media promotion and advertising including TV commercials and billboards on streets.(Hutch lose its Customer 2008) Figure 1: Hutch Advertising Claim about 3G coverage Figure2 : Hutch Voice And 3G Coverage Hutch Sri Lanka advertisement: Hutch Sri Lanka like other players invest millions of Sri Lankan rupees in advertising , in which they play jingles to attract its customers and increase their satisfaction in brand. Among other ads Kiyanaa Kiyanna ( say  it) was the first TV commercial of Hutch Sri Lanka , which get much attention due to story of interest in 30 second paid commercial. Famous Sri Lankan cricketer Kumar Sangakkara also earlier attached with Hutch Sri Lanka as a brand ambassador to Hutch for three consecutive years from â€Å"2005 to 2008† in which he quotes about Hutch â€Å"Between July 2005 and August 2008 I had a contract with Hutch only. I enjoyed my three years working with Hutch and the relationship was mutually beneficial†. (Island Cricket 2005) Public Relation activities: Hutch Sri Lanka also besides paid advertising also involves in PR Public Relation activities to satisfy its consumers and create positive image among its consumers in which employee blood donation get much media attention. In this campaign hutch employees donate their blood to Sri Lanka National Blood Transfusion Service (NBTS) and mention about advantages of blood donation in society in which Hutch Sri Lanka encourage others to donate their blood often to saves life.( Hutch saves life 2010) Least Customer Satisfaction: Hutch telecom Sri Lanka still didn’t achieve its target of 1 million subscribers, currently it comprises last number in customer satisfaction ranking with little subscribers.In 2010 after launch of Etisalat Lanka and Airtel bharti limited .Hutch current ranking comes at number 5 in last among its competitors operators. Hutch Sri Lanka has better infrastructure and quality of service but lack of marketing personals and wrong choice of advertisement media its reputation is going down day by day. Sri Lankan consumers not willing to use its services due to less number of subscribers which force them to pay levy in order to call their family and friends through Hutch Sri Lana to other operators or non hutch numbers. SWOT ANALYSIS OF HUTCH SRI LANKA: Strength: It’s communication tower coverage almost throughout all Sri Lanka. Fast Internet speed through 3G technology with maximum coverage area covered with 3G compared with competitors, such as Jaffna first covered by 3G by Hutch Sri Lanka. Weakness: Less brand exposure among its consumers Low or weak signal coverage in remote areas. Opportunities: Hutch couple sim, which allow call between two numbers at very cheap rate, unique service by hutch Sri Lanka Lowest IDD call rates which attract new customers Threat: Declining in number of subscribers due to poor coverage Mobile market is saturated due to five competitors in Market. Research Objectives and Research Questions: The topic under consideration is â€Å"The impact of Advertising on customer Satisfaction with special reference to Hutch Sri Lanka†. Research Objectives: The objective of this research is to critically analyze least customer satisfaction issue facing by hutch Sri Lanka which pushes back Hutch Sri Lanka at last position in subscribers ranking. Hutch telecom has a potential to get more subscribers through correct advertising with correct selection of advertising media. The following are the main objectives of the research: 1-To study the concept of advertising 2-To Study the concept of Customer Satisfaction 3-To analyze the Relationship between Advertising and customer Satisfaction Research Question: 1-What is advertising? 2-What is the customer satisfaction? 3-What is the relation between Advertising and Customer Satisfaction? Literature Review: Advertising: Advertising is the non personal communication of information usually paid for and usually persuasive in nature about products, services or ideas by  identified sponsors through the various media† (Bovee/Arens, 1992, p7).(Deborah F. Spake M Joseph 2009)advertising is one most fast growing industry in USA and direct to consumer effective advertising has change the way of advertising industry in USA, where consumers demand is monitor before placing of advertisement, this type of advertising is mostly done by pharmaceutical companies. (P Nelson 1974) Advertising delivers the information of product attribute plus message to the target audience on selected media. Advertiser’s priority is to create sales through his message. Often more sales can be achieved by heavy bombardment of seller’s message through traditional and mass media. Any trustworthy and honest information deliver to consumer generate more sales and brand equity.(Julie A. Edell M Chapman 1987) Consumers feeling about any paid advertising create a lot of affect on sales. If advertiser convey the message which create positive feeling in consumer mindset than convincing potential consumer becomes easy else negative feeling creates negative effect. (Charles H Patti 1997) When same seed is cultivated in two different fields with different production of crops or fertility rate even under same climate , one field with more average fertility rate will always give more crops compare with other field. Same case apply in advertising if quality efforts are applied on two different product in which one is high advertisement opportunities and while other is low than revenue generated and sales will differs from each other. He further elaborated that advertising spend should be high only on those products in which product life cycle stage not reach its maturity state. Advertise product and service should be have some uniqueness among its competitors and there f should be large size of potential consumer in that geographical area where product to be advertised.(Robert J L Gary A 1961) In changing environment advertising purpose is to create sales , advertisers put their product or service on advertise to create sales in steps, in which in first is just share information about the product information and create awareness of the product after the launch than second step which comes after some period of time is an extreme buy now ad , design to create immediate sales. (Nikolaos K P1989) The current involvement in advertising consumer products is the Attributes of Advertising message has put great impact on consumer in  decision making process. If advertising message firmly designed and expose to mind of consumer than it went to long term memory of target consumer, such as â€Å"Jingle song of brand during advertising† which create positive affect to change target customer into prospect customers.Advertising is the main source of marketers to introduce their product and services in any geographical market. Electronic media has much considerable progress to help marketers to advertise their products at reasonable cost. Advertisement message reach millions of potential customers which help organization to grow its business and create more revenue. Customer Satisfaction: Any person who spend his income to get good or services through any organization is called as customer or a customer is a person who does the buying of the products and the consumer is the person who ultimately consumes the product (Solomon, 2009, p.34.) Any costumer can be pleased, unhappy or reject the product offered by advertiser, sales person or particular branded organization if its attributes does not match with its requirement and demands. Customer satisfaction definition is defined by (Tse Wilson , 1998, p 204 ) consumer after purchase decision to judge the quality of product totally depend on consumer choice (Fornell, 1992, p.11) After cash transaction and receiving of product , customer satisfaction can be called as post choice evaluation judgment of the consumer after consume the product at very first time(Oliver,1980) According to Schiffman Karun (2004) Any individual consumer feel and look about any particular products or service which he/she judge his expectation after buying the product. Customer satisfaction is also described as the result of human feeling, Marketers in order to measure level of customer satisfaction they have to measure feeling of their customers after buying their product.(Levy,p.6;NBRI,2009). Levy (2009, p.6) mention three type of criteria to measure customer satisfaction 1- Through survey among current consumer of particular product or service in which feedback can be collected to measure customer level of customer satisfaction. 2- Through focus group discussion in which expert moderator can decide the level of costumer satisfaction after discussion with consumers. 3- Reading blogs and direct contact with customers. Satisfied customer is customer who repeats purchase of the product and also refers helps organization to get more customers by words of mouth. Customer satisfaction increases the business of organization, where dissatisfied customer puts negative effect on company image and brand. Relationship between advertising and Customer Satisfaction: Marketers spends millions of dollar every year in advertising budget to create favorable image of their brand, satisfy them and drive them to purchase. satisfaction makes advertising more affected as satisfied customers pay more attention in advertising of product whom they satisfies after previous purchase(E W Anderson 1994) Advertising creates a certain type of feeling in consumer mind which leads to consumer satisfaction of that particular brand in consumer mind.(Ew Anderson 1993) .Customer satisfaction are more essential aspect in any trade as at the end , customer is always the king because they create revenue for the organization. Customer satisfaction or dissatisfaction have direct impact on profit of any organization.(Naresh K Malhotra 2007) 2nd edition Marketing research p 92-107.Advertisers should understand the consumer behavior before start work on any advertising campaign, as advertising only be effective and satisfy its consumer if its design to get attention of target market by touch the internal emotion of consumer.(Gustav puth.P Mostert 1999)) Journal of product and brand management, consumers perception of mentioned product and brand attribute in magazine advertising.) References: Anderson, E.W, Sulivan m.W (1993) â€Å" The Antecedents and consequences of Customer Satisfaction for firms†, Marketing science 2, 2 ( spring), pp 125-143 Anderson, E.W,Fornell, C, Lehmann, DR (1994) â€Å" Customer Satisfaction Market share and profitability: Findings from Sweden, Journal of Marketing, 58, 53-66 Bovee, C.l and Arens, W.F, (1992), Contemporary advertising, 4th ed,, Richard P,Irwin Inc,, Homewood,IL. Deborah F Spake, Mathew Joseph, R Zachary Finney. (2009). Journal of Medical Marketing â€Å"Consumer opinion and effectiveness of direct-to-consumer advertising† 21-28 Dr Charles H Patti 1997, University of Sheffield â€Å"Evaluating the role of advertising† 32-35 Fornell,. (1992). â€Å"A National Customer Satisfaction barometer: The Swedish Expereience.†Journal of Marketing, 56, 6-21 Julie A and Marian Chapman Burke (1987), â€Å"The power of feelings in understanding advertising effects,† Journal of Consumer Research, 14 (December), 412-433 Lavidge, Robert J. and Gary A. Steiner. 1961. A model for predictive measurements of advertising effectiveness. Journal of Marketing. 25(October), 59-62. Micheal.R Solomon (2009).Consumer behaviour, buying having and being, 8th edition, Pearson education, inc Naresh K Malhotra 2007 â€Å" A critical view of marketing research of diffusion of new products† 2nd edition Marketing research 92-107. Nikolaos K. Papavassiliou, (1989) The Involvement Model in Advertising Consumer Products Abroad, European Journal of Marketing, 23 ,1 Oliver,Richard L.1980 â€Å"A Cognitive model of the antecedents and consequences of Satisfaction Decisions.† Journal of Makreting research 17 (September):p 460-469 Phillip Nelson 1974, Journal of economy University of Chicago â€Å"Advertising as Information† 1 , 2-5 Puth, G, Mostert, P, Ewing, M (1999) Consumer perceptions of mentioned product attributes in magazine advertising. Journal of Product Brand Management, 8 , 61-72 Schiffman,L.G and LazarKanuk, L.(2004) Consumer Behaviour. 8th edition. New Jersy Pearson Education Inc, Upper Saddle RiverTitus Tse, David K, Petter, C. Wilton. (1998). Models of Consumer satisfaction: An Extension Journal of Marketing Research, 25 .204-212 UK telephone history (2010) British telephone history [online] available from [10th January 2013] Hutch staff blood Donation (2010) Hutch staff join save a life [online] available From [4th January 2013] International telecommunication union ITU, (2013) Facts and figure Sri Lanka mobile telecom [online] available From [6th January 2013] NBRI (2009) Customer Survey White paper: [online] available From [November 27th, 2012) Hutch Lose its Customer (2008) Lanka Business Online report [online] available From [5th December2012] Piet Levy, (2009,),Advertising and Customer Satisfaction [Online] available From [November 5th, 2012) Island Cricket 2005, Sangakkara Quits Hutch [online] available From [November 22th 2012) Figure 1, Fixed lines and mobile market Growth in Sri lanka [online] available from [5th January 2013] Figure 2, Hutch Voice and Data coverage across Island , [Onlimne] Available from [2nd January 2013] Figure 3:, Hutch Advertising Claim about 3G Coverage [online] Available from[ 2nd January 2013] Tables * Table 1- * Number of Sri Lankan Mobile Subscribers in Millions

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Tsunamis Essay -- Tsunamis Natural Disasters Nature Essays

Tsunamis Table of Contents  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  1 Introduction:  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  2 Impact to human life:  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  3 Impact to Non-human life:  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  4 Impact to the Environment:  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  7 Impact to the Economy:  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  8 American Red Cross Assistance:  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  9 Conclusion:  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  13 Bibliography:  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  14 Introduction: A massive Tsunami (Japanese for â€Å"Harbor wave†) had hit southern Asia the day after Christmas 2004. The cause of the Tsunami was an offshore earthquake that results in the tectonic plates being displaced and the creation of a vertical shift in the ocean floor. This vertical shift lead to a large volume of water being uplifted and turned to create a huge wave that traveled up to 300 miles per hour, gradually slowing as it reached the shore. At that time, people in the coastal areas were not aware of the terror that they were about to endure. They received no warnings of the tsunami. Unfortunately, 10 meters of the wave caught many people by surprise, as they looked dumfounded when the ocean engulfed them whole. To date this disaster is believed to have killed over three hundred thousand people, marking itself as one of the most devastating Tsunamis ever. The waves from the Tsunami destroyed everything in their path and drowned most innocent living things with it. It has now been concluded that the earthquake, which caused this Tsunami, was probably twice as strong as originally estimated - a magnitude 9.15 instead of 9.0. Much of the slippage along the fault is believed to have taken place as much as a half an hour after the initial quake and continued up to three hours afterward. Additionally, it is feared that earthquake could continue to affect the region for many years and could trigger more large quakes (Eric P H Yap, 2005).   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  It is believed that some areas were harder hit, by the Tsunami’s strength, than others due to coastal commercial development. The development of coastal areas damages or totally destroys much of the surrounding coral reefs. Certain areas, such as in the Maldives, still have a network of coral reefs and intact mangroves that may have protected the island from the open sea. "Poorly planned coastal development has compounded the impact of the tsunami," said Mubariq Ahmad, Head of WWF Indonesia. "It is vital that we don't make the mistakes of the past. We need to rebuild in a sustainable and safe way (Le Tourneau Gore, 2005).† Impact to human life: Th... ... MESBAHI of Share The World s Resource s (STWR). "The tsunami and Brandt Report :[1 Edition]. " Papua - New Guinea Post - Courier 7 February 2005. ProQuest Newsstand. ProQuest. "UN: Rehabilitation of severely affected mangroves would help speed recovery from tsunami, says food and agriculture organization. " M2 Presswire 20 January 2005. ProQuest Newsstand. ProQuest. Rinne, Pasi et al. After the Tsunami: Rapid Environmental Assessment. United Nations Environment Programme. 2005. Eric Bellman in Lake Hikkaduwa, Sri Lanka, and Timothy Mapes in Banda Aceh, Indonesia. "Tsunami Aftermath: Scarred Earth: Will Nature Bounce Back?; Salt Water and Debris Alter Ecosystems Threatening Fields, Reefs and Forests. " Asian Wall Street Journal [New York, N.Y.] 17 Jan. 2005,A.5. ProQuest Newsstand. ProQuest. Animal Planet News. Slow Recovery for Seal Life. 12 Jan.2005. 30 May 2005. Animal Friends Croatia. Tsunamis killed animals, too! 30 May 2005. Animal Planet News. Tsunamis Destroy Sea Life. 3 Jan. 2005. Animal Planet News. Sri Lankan Wildlife Avoided the Tsunamis. 4 Jan 2005. 30 May 2005. Donaldson-Evans, Catherine. Tsunami Animals: A Sixth Sense? 9 Jan. 2005. 30 May 2005.

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The interviews addressed buying attitudes

OBJECTIVE: Compulsive buying (uncontrolled urges to buy, with resulting significant adverse consequences) has been estimated to affect from 1. 8% to 16% of the adult U. S. population. To the authors’ knowledge, no study has used a large general population sample to estimate its prevalence. METHOD: The authors conducted a random sample, national household telephone survey in the spring and summer of 2004 and interviewed 2,513 adults.The interviews addressed buying attitudes and behaviors, their consequences, and the respondents’ financial and demographic data. The authors used a clinically validated screening instrument, the Compulsive Buying Scale, to classify respondents as either compulsive buyers or not. RESULTS: The rate of response was 56. 3%, which compares favorably with rates in federal national health surveys. The cooperation rate was 97. 6%. Respondents included a higher percentage of women and people ages 55 and older than the U.S. adult population. The estim ated point prevalence of compulsive buying among respondents was 5. 8% (by gender: 6. 0% for women, 5. 5% for men). The gender-adjusted prevalence rate was 5. 8%. Compared with other respondents, compulsive buyers were younger, and a greater proportion reported incomes under $50,000. They exhibited more maladaptive responses on most consumer behavior measures and were more than four times less likely to pay off credit card balances in full.CONCLUSIONS:A study using clinically valid interviews is needed to evaluate these results. The emotional and functional toll of compulsive buying and the frequency of comorbid psychiatric disorders suggest that studies of treatments and social interventions are warranted Source: American Journal of Psychiatry: http://ajp. psychiatryonline. org/cgi/content/abstract/163/10/1806

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Who Also Called Himself An Agnostic - 1730 Words

In his autobiography, Darwin, who also called himself an agnostic, wrote that the magnificence of the universe almost forces one to conclude that God exists. However, he continued, â€Å"Can the mind of man, which has, as I fully believe, been developed from a mind as low as that possessed by the lowest animal, be trusted when it draws such grand conclusions?’ He goes on to say that the problem is further compounded by the probability that, â€Å"The constant inculcation in a belief in God on the minds of children has produced so strong and perhaps inherited effect on their brains, that it may now be as difficult for them to throw off their belief in God, as for a monkey to throw off its instinctive fear and hatred of a snake.† For this monkey at†¦show more content†¦Somewhere in my mind there still swaggers the fine young atheistic monkey waving is insolent hard-on at the world, but suddenly it’s no longer amusing or effective and soon it will become embarrassing. I am not afraid of death, I’m afraid of a moment when, immobilized by something fatal, and unable to distract myself with work or sex or illusions of progress I reflect on my life and see a rich and fascinating landscape, and me off to one side of it, a rat in a wheel of darkness. It’s time to become wise and happy. But how? I am an adolescent lobbed into adulthood without the necessary equipment. Perhaps religion is the answer. Christianity, so long as it is shackled to the Bible, is completely inadequate for the needs of complex modern life. Its symbolism, though often beautiful as art, has become spiritually worn out and provides neither authentic inspiration, nor comfort, nor the provocation of intelligent conscience. And when it makes a statement that might cause discomfort, such as â€Å"It is as hard for a rich man to get into heaven as for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle,† it is conveniently overlooked or tortuously reinterpreted. On winter nights, I pass by churches and marvel at the sight of homeless people freezing to death on the steps. The doors of these, the richest churches in America, are locked. The heat is on inside, so in the morning wives of investment bankers and stockbrokers can come and pray in comfort

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Personal Journal My Musical Interests - 917 Words

The music in my Wordle reflects well the type of music I like as I think they show my varied interests. I don’t really listen to any local music which is sometimes something of a regret. While I was attending a wedding there was an amazing jazz singer there. I thought her music was just outstanding. But I forgot to get her name and now I can’t find any music by her. Another time I was at a restaurant and there was a great Jazz band there. But again I forgot to get any names and when I thought to call and ask no one at the restaurant remembered who I was talking about. So those were regretful missed opportunities to expand the music I listen to as I don’t really listen to jazz. Some of the international music that I listen to is Irish folk music such as the Dubliners, Paul Brady, and the Clancy Brothers. Avicii is a Swedish artist who has a few songs that I enjoy. But all in all there is not too much international music that I listen too. The music that I listen to comes from many genres. For example Bon Iver who are an indi folk group. In particular I like the song â€Å"Skinny Love† by them. A young English musician called Birdy has a cover of that Bon Iver song that I enjoy as well. I also enjoy Irish Folk music. â€Å"Arthur McBrid†e was the example I used for the Wordle. It tell the story of two fine Irish lads who decide not to join the Kings Army. â€Å"Man on Fire† by Edwards Sharp and the Magnetic Zeros is an Indi Folk song that I enjoy. â€Å"Miriam† by NorahShow MoreRelatedMy First Clinical Rotation As A Nursing Student1314 Words   |  6 PagesDuring my first clinical rotation as a nursing student, I was assigned to care for several older adults suffering from dementia. Although all of my patients ranged in severity from mild to severe progression of dementia, they all experienced moments of agitation, anxiety, or disturbed behaviors related to their disease. It occurred to me after careful review of several patient charts that despite often being prescribed pharmaceutical regimes for other comorbidities, these patients were rarely prescribedRead MoreHow Music Affects The Brain And People s Emotions1023 Words   |  5 Pages iSearch Paper: The Power of Music For my iSearch paper I am researching how music affects the brain and people s emotions. Although this is a complex issue, my passion has always involved music and an interest in how it affects how people react and think. I play the violin, and from personal experience I have noticed that when I am playing I have an emotional connection to the piece, whether it is sad, happy, or even upsetting. I have also noticed that the audience has an emotional impactRead MoreHow Should We Teach?1190 Words   |  5 Pagesmusic they make and create. The National Standards for music are even composed based on the child’s creative needs as they develop. This paper is going to explore why we should teach according to our student’s emotional, physical, intellectual, and musical needs. In a traditional school setting, there are children with multitudes of variances. When a student walks into your classroom, they are dealing with much more than what your class may involve. They are dealing with problems at home, joyous occasionsRead MoreHoward Gardner s Theory On Multiple Intelligences924 Words   |  4 Pagesbiggest effect of his parent’s predicament led him to what would be his interest in psychology. Gardner was going to be sent to Phillips Academy, however, he refused to go and attended a preparatory school in Kingston, Pennsylvania. After Kingston he went to study at Harvard University for a career in law. While at Harvard University he blossomed under his mentor Erik Erikson which led to his interest in psychology. His interest in psychology led him to develop his theory on Multiple IntelligencesRead More Back Where I Come From Essay1107 Words   |  5 Pagesthat is to sing. Kenny Chesney has become famous by singing about his own life, which is parti cularly apparent in the song, â€Å"Back Where I Come From.† Ultimately, it seems that he wants his audience to feel what he feels and be where he has been. â€Å"My audience is smart. They are real people who lead whole lives,†(â€Å"Kenny Chesney†) explains Chesney. He believes his audience to be, in essence, like himself: those who feel the deeper meanings of life. When explaining the audience of a performer, it couldRead More Musical Taste Buds: How and Why We Have Musical Tendencies Essay2099 Words   |  9 PagesMusic is a universal language. All around the world, music exists and lives in many forms and genres. Personally, I have yet to hear a song or composition that I did not thoroughly enjoy. Throughout my life, I have learned my take on music is not the typical one. Most people I know lean towards certain genres and have at least one they avoid completely. Sometimes, it is a certain band, artist, or sound that others find unappealing. I have always wondered why I seem to be so unbiased to music comparedRead MoreThe Theory Of Multiple Intelligences1489 Words   |  6 Pages(Gardner 1999). The first two intelligences have been typically valued in schools; the next three are usually associated with the arts, and the final two are what Howard Gardner called personal intelligences, (Gardner 1999). These intelligences are: linguistic intelligence, logical-mathematical intelligence, musical intelligence, bodily kinesthetic intelligence, spatial intelligence, interpersonal intelligence, and intrapersonal intelligence. Later it was added octave intelligence, naturalistic intelligenceRead MoreThe Life Of Life And Life : Books And Film Nights From Hollywood s Golden Era1480 Words   |  6 Pagesbooks for bookworms suffering from macular degeneration, hearing devices for the classic Hollywood movie fan encountering hearing loss, and personal mobile devices for the nature lover who no longer can walk distances (Recreation, n.d.). As aging progresses, a more specialized and tailored approach is needed. This is where the services of live-in independent and assisted living facilities have taken a proactive approach to not just helping residents remain active, but also engrossed in the cultureRead MoreEssay on Psychology of Successful Students1132 Words   |  5 Pagesperiod of life, but there is a possibility to do it. Looking to the KIMEP students I can easily prove my point of view, as the many of students show that they are successful not only at studies, but also in many other spheres. Let me describe the KIMEP environment, which, actually, pushed me up to the idea that students can do much more than only studies. First of all, of course, it is a personal schedule. It is a present to our student as they can plan their time and choose a convenient time forRead MoreNotes On Self Reliance By Ralph Waldo Emerson Essay1441 Words   |  6 PagesDynasty Allen English 2270 10/3/2016 Journal Entries (1-5) Analytic Journal #1: Self- Reliance Self-Reliance is a transcendentalist essay by Ralph Waldo Emerson. The essay was published in 1841 during the transcendentalist movement. It was a way for writers to respond to or protest the general state of intellectualism and even spirituality. He speaks in this essay about ways to avoid conforming and also how each person should follow their own instincts and ideas. Emerson split many of the topics